Create Snippet Library Of Text, HTML Or PHP To Use In WordPress Posts Via Shortcodes

Post Snippets is a popular WordPress plugin that allows you to easily create a library of Text, HTML or PHP code touse inside your blog posts, pages and other custom post types etc. All created snippets can be used directly from WordPress Visual Editor using its button. You can as many snippets you want and even you can export and import them to you in other WordPress sites you own.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Post Snippets plugin. After activation visit your Dashboard -> Settings -> Post Snippets. Now here you will be seeing two tabs one is for creating and managing snippets library and the other is for exporting and importing snippets to/from other website.

For creating a new snippet click the button Add New Snippet button. Now give your snippet a title, define variable shortcode, write your snippet and click Update Snippets button.

After creating your snippets you may use them from your Add New & Edit posts and pages by click its newly added button Insert a Post Snippet in your WordPress visual editor.

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