Easiest Way To Create Tables With Valuable Functions In WordPress Without Using Any HTML Code

We have discussed about creating and managing pricing tables in WordPress. We also discussed about creating and managing tables in your WordPress blog posts and pages. Now this tutorial explains you an easiest method for creating tables to use in your WordPress blog posts and pages.

Now by using TablePress, an advanced WordPress plugin (in beta stage now but already usable quite stable, only a few things are still being worked on) allows you to create and manage tables to use inside your WordPress blog posts and pages but this plugin is easy and different from other plugins because here you don’t have to use any HTML code or many confusing shortcodes.

Install and activate it. It adds a new menu TablePress in your admin area sidebar.

Creating a new table: For creating a new Table visit Dashboard -> TablePress -> Add New Table option . It directs you to Add New Tab option. Now you have to give your table name and write some description, select the number of rows and columns (can be changed later) and click Add Table button.

Clicking Add Table option automatically directs you to Edit Table page. Here, you can enter data in Rows and Columns of Table you just created. It also provides you a drag and drop feature for arranging your rows and columns, at the same time you can add new columns and rows if needed.

Inserting Tables inside your posts or pages: You can insert any Table you have created before simply by using a button you will find on WordPress Visual Editor. Hovering on it, it displays title ‘Insert a Table from TablePress’. Click this button and insert the Table you want to insert, yes it shows a list of all tables you have created using TablePress.

Alternatively you can also use shortcode for inserting any previously created Table. For copying shortcode of a particular Table, you have to click TablePress menu from Dashboard. It displays a list of your Tables. Each table in the list shows a “Show Shortcode” button. Click Show Shortcode button, copy it then paste it inside your post or page.

More information about this plugin is available at its official site, view screenshots all here. The plugin provides you an additional JavaScript library you can use for adding features like sorting, pagination, filtering, and more. It not only allows you to include tables in your posts, pages but inside text widgets easily. Also you can import and export Tables from CSV files , HTML files and JSON.

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