Create Quiz With Unlimited Number Of Questions-Answers & Results In WordPress

Watu is a free WordPress plugin that lets you creates quizzes and exams with unlimited number of questions and answers then assigns grade show results automatically and immediately after the quiz is over.

Installation & Usage: Install and activate Watu and then following the given steps:

Step-1 activation visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Watu Settings and set the options as per your need. Here it provides you options for correct answer display:

  1. Don’t show answers
  2. Show answers at the end of the Quiz
  3. Show the answer of a question immediately after the user have selected an answer(Will not work in single page mode).

It allows you to set answer type:

  1. Single Answer Type
  2. Multiple Answer Type

And Database settings, you can set it to delete all Watu plugin data in your database after the plugin is deactivated.

Step-2 After setting up the option visit your Dashboard -> Tools -> Watu Exams and click Create New Exam. Now here you can easily create a quiz, define its name, results and display then click the Save button.

As soon you click save button it directs you to a page where you will be seeing your quiz’s shortcode which you can use for displaying this quiz inside your posts and pages. Now click Create a new question button and add questions, correct answers, answer type and points to quiz you just created.

You may create as many quizzes you want and display them inside your posts and pages using shortcodes.

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