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Corporations Cannot Write Poetry

Everybody must come to know that why no company has ever made any domain universally useful although any successful domain acquires a caliber of making many corporations.

To get a painting made, no civilized person would ever hire a company because any artist independently does that kind of a work most wonderfully. Writing code for your web or app is also such a thing even more than that. Still fools think that a company does any better in this regard. Corporations cannot ever acquire a caliber of writing poetry and that is the case for code as well. Only the hackers have that kind of caliber.

Consistently  practicing a programming language is the core education of Sangkrit, developing the ablest kind of coders in abundance. Changing many complicated ways of doing things by innovating any way easier is their religion. Doing independent jobs like coding webs and apps to get paid on hourly per terminal basis, they become professionals. This is going to disrupt the business of software companies in the long run as the Core Programmer at SANGKRIT.net leads such a patronage network of professional programmers via system at SANGKRIT.net that is the truly sustainable hacktivist movement in making.

The hacktivist movement has to make people aware of everything. Everybody must come to know that why no company has ever made any domain universally useful although any successful domain acquires a caliber of making many corporations.

You should simply email to system@sangkrit.net to make your domain commercially useful.

Sangkrit Eradicates All Discrimination

System at SANGKRIT.net is a globally distributed order of humankind, who proceed for an all-inclusive execution. Enhancing everybody’s independent initiatives, personal outlets of SANGKRIT.net are run everywhere by individuals, who understand the program, helping everyone buy internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure for upgrading humanity into internet age.

It is the revolution going on with freedom loving humankind increasingly join the movement. They themselves clean up their places and cook all their meals. They code immediate future of humanity and blog its arrival. Without discriminating on any basis, all of them clean, cook, code and blog, upholding the freedom for humanity from reactionary apartheid of all sorts to become free men and free women so that they keep busy upgrading humanity into internet age.

Upgrading humanity into internet age is the greatest ever job given to anyone and unlike wage slavery, Sangkrit gives that without taking away all your independence. Selling internet infrastructure, online support and global exposure, you work everywhere as personal outlets of SANGKRIT.net, by doing all your works and together with everyone like you form the whole of a self-leading movement.

Mastering your domestic entrepreneurship, you do everything for your free family and children. Sangkrit gives you a global reputation. You are respected as ambassador of the globally distributed order of internet growth engine. You compete with the largest conglomerates as best in the world. Working like that your family becomes rich and you are respected. Your kids are homeschooled in a world-class way for inheriting your domestic entrepreneurship and Sangkrit continues changing the world.

You were not here. You won’t be here. You are given only some time as your life to perform and go away. Without considering anyone as part of yourself, you should be living your consistency by doing all your works as none is part of yourself. Nothing else has ever been that emancipating to humankind.

Clean, Cook, Code And Blog To Become Free Forever

Free men and free women are smart creatives within their own ecosystems. They clean, they cook, they code and they blog in a ratio that is determined by individual calibers.

They do so without any discrimination on the basis of gender or status. Doing all that they cooperate and form free families to change the world. They are never afraid of anything at all.

Fear in changing any status quo is not only false but mentally retarding also. Fears make you mentally retarded and unnecessarily your masters are invented for bossing around you.

Sangkrit has configured the simplest way of humankind for going through internet age. Clean, cook, code and blog to become free forever!

Users Make Your Reality

You do something that is necessary in your business. Thus you get busy actually engineering your next step since engineering your next step is the only task given.

Once your technology gets made, its usage defines your status. Make technology change the way you wish to change the world.

You do so by refining your products and enhancing your release cycle. So that increasing usage of your products brings in your prosperity. Your prosperity ensures your security.

Ultimately users make your reality and your world gets made but you stay busy engineering your next step like ever since Sangkrit loves your doing only that.

How Much English You Must Be Knowing?

The greatest programmer Linus Torvalds had won his world by using only as much English was necessary to code and still he is ruling his world of Linux kernel. Those days English and Russian were globally dominant languages but things are not so anymore.

Now fluency in your native language and additionally knowing Hindi or Chinese is going to work better. So how much English you must be knowing? As much may be efficiently adequate for programming in the concerned code.