Easily Enable Selected Text Snippet Sharing In WordPress

DX Share Selection is the new fork of WP Selected Text Sharer which is not updated since long. DX Share Selection simply activates snippet sharing feature that allows your visitors to share/search selected text from your site. They may select a snippet, search for it or share it on various popular social networks.

Install and activate the plugin then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> DX Share Selection and select your options like you can add Widget Title, Share Items, add custom buttons,set Border Color, Background Color, Title Background color, Hover Color, Text Color, Extra Class, Grep Element and other options including Bitly Settings etc.

How selected sharing works?

As soon your reader selects a text snippet in your website’s content like a post, page or custom post type, a popup comes from where sharing is done. Shared snippet also includes to that page thus increases site visibility and traffic.

Apart from sharing buttons you can also add custom buttons and search engines like Google, Yahoo etc or simply your site’s to the popup.


  • Light weight, 4KB jquery plugin is required.
  • Various color/style and option arguments.
  • Automatic selected text truncation for Twitter.
  • Shorten the post link using Bitly.
  • Load the scripts either in header or footer.
  • Simple and light interface.
  • Template system for adding links to the popup.
  • No knowledge of coding required.
  • Integration with WP Socializer plugin

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