Create Reusable Blocks Of Text And Use Them Inside Your Posts, Widgets, Themes Whenever You Need

Now you can easily create reusable pieces of text content blocks and use them as many times you like inside your theme, individual blog posts and pages or as a sidebar widget. Using new WordPress plugin Reusable Text Blocks you can do it very easily.

After activation it lets you create different text blocks just like you create new WordPress posts using WordPress visual editor. After creating text blogs you can insert them in your WordPress site.

It provides you three different options for showing text blogs almost anywhere you like in your WordPress based website.

  1. You can use its widget from Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets and dragging Text Blocks Widget to your sidebar or any other widget area.
  2. You can use its shortcode inside you posts and pages. You can copy the shortcode from the list of Text Blocks’s shortcode column as shown in the first screenshot.
  3. You can use PHP template for inserting text block inside the WordPress theme you are using:

<?php if(function_exists(‘show_text_block’)) { echo show_text_block(421); } ?>

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