Best Way To Thank Your Commenters For Sharing Their Ideas In Your WordPress Blog

As you website starts becoming popular on Internet, you start getting a lot of comments. Some visitors drop very useful comments that makes your articles more valuable, some just come for increasing their Page Rank, some drop comment for getting backlinks etc etc But whatsoever may be the reason comments and commenters are always valuable for yourwebsite, even those who just drop comments for increasing their PR because they come and spend time on your websiteand this is the most important thing a blogger need.

It is good to respond on each and every comment of your website but the problem comes when a post get many comments specially when your readers start a debate on certain topic then it becomes difficult for admin for saying some nice words to his commenters and also it disturbs the conversation.

So for resolving this problem WordPress plugin repository has a good working plugin called Thank Me Later. This plugin allows you to send a ‘Thank You’ email to your WordPress blog commenters.

Thank Me Later allows you to send ‘Thank You’ emails, you can easily write a message thanking your commenters for reading your blog and it will be sent at the time given by you, may be after 5 minutes, a day, a month, whenever you like.

The plugin is powerful enough to attract your readers back to your blog and encouraging them to get further engaged with ongoing discussions. Install and activate it then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Thank Me Later and configure the give options.

More sophisticated uses of the plugin include:

  • You can invite commenter to subscribe to your RSS feed;
  • You can ask them to join you on Twitter, Facebook and more.
  • You can provide them a discount on a subsequent purchase on your website.

Its Important Features Are:

  • HTML Emails: Write your email using plain text and it gets automatically transformed to a beautiful HTML emaillayout.
  • Shortcodes: You can use shortcodes such as [name] and [comment] for making your emails targeted and more personal.
  • Targeting: You can create ‘Thank You’ emails for specific categories or posts on your blog.

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