How To Keep Track Of Your Blog Post Ideas In WordPress Admin Area ?

Easily keep track of ideas coming in your mind for new blog posts. Normally bloggers save a new draft whenever an idea comes in their mind for writing any blog post, this creates a confusing list of posts and drafts in WordPress all posts section and accidenally you can publish any incomplete draft. Using a paper and pen for writing new post idea is a waste of paper and time.

Using Heyitsgeorge‘s plugin Ideas plugin you can very easily keep track of post ideas direct from your WordPress dashboard. Install and activate it, you will notice new Ideas Menu added in your dashboard’s left sidebar with sub menu option: Ideas (contains a list of all your post ideas) and Add Idea for adding new post ideas.

Screenshot showing list of all your post ideas:

Post Ideas WordPress 1

Screenshot showing Add New Idea page:

Post Ideas WordPress 2

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