How To Assign Multiple Blog Users As Comment Moderators In WordPress ?

Bjorsq.Net‘s brand new WordPress plugin allows site administrators to nominate many blog users for moderating blog comments.

You are not always online in your WordPress site and if you have set comments to held for moderation before they appear on the posts publicly then this sometimes make comments to held in moderation list for a longer duration of time which is discouraging for the commenters. You can make this thing easy by assigning some of your blog authors as comment moderators so that they can moderate comments when you are offline. Moderating comments is not a big job, what is important is to check that submitted comment should not be spam and it should not contain any rude or vulgar language, your site users can easily check this thing out and moderate comments.

Multiple WP Moderators

So first of all you have to install and activate Multiple Moderators plugin, then visit your WordPress site admin area Dashboard -> Comments -> Comment Moderators page and set the options by checking-unchecking boxes. You can Select Moderators both by User and Role, Also you can disable site admin moderation.

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