Jetpack’s Sharing Flaw When Using Pinterest Button In 2012 And The Future Of New Sharing Technique

We all know that Jetpack by WordPress.Com is loaded with quite useful and better working features. Its sharing bar is popular among the bloggers, when a blogger get confused with wide range of sharing plugins; he switch to Jetpacksharing module. Before Jetpack sharing feature was not providing bloggers with Pinterest’s PinIt button but afterwardsJetpack added the feature of Pinning images and that was one of important update for a wide range of Jetpack user but it was not very useful for the bloggers who used to post many images or you can say more than one images in their blog posts because the main problem with Jetpack’s ‘Share on Pinterest’ button is that it automatically grabs an image attached with in your blog post for pinning and hence it doesn’t allows you to select an appropriate image you want to pin.

This made many WordPress bloggers to switch from Jetpack’s sharing feature to some other sharing plugin just because of Pinterest sharing feature. Many bloggers are experiencing that Juiz Social Post Sharer plugin works much better than all sharing plugins available in WordPress Plugin’s Repository. The reason is its buttons are really cool, it loads up very fast comparing to all other sharing bars and the most important reason is that it doesn’t shares your bandwidth by loading all JavaScript from social media websites. Its concept is logical and it is replacing the old trick of lazy loading sharing bar to increase website performance.

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