Top 5 WordPress Plugins To Increase Visitor Engagement Through Comments

Earlier we discussed about five plugins that allows you to manage your website comments in a better way. Now this article is on those free WordPress plugins which you can use to increase user engagement time in WordPress easily.


Very popular plugin now used and appreciated by many high ranking websites. The plugin can boost comments and user engagement in your weblog as with this plugin you can reward your commenters by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the very end of the comment they have posted in your website. It encourages a community and discover new posts.

Subscribe to Comments

Very useful feature now comes packed with many popular WordPress themes like P2. It simply allows you readers to subscribe to follow up comments so that as soon any new reply is posted on your website; they get notified on their email box and can come back to answer the reply by clicking that link.

Disqus Comment System

The most popular service used by many popular websites for adding a better discussion system. It allows you to make commenting easier and much more interactive by connecting different websites and commenters across a thriving discussion community.

Top Commentators Widget

As clear from its name, it displays the list of top commenters of your website. The plugin is useful for user engagement as it encourages your visitors to comment on your website and they might come visible in this widget which will drive traffic to their website.

Comment Rating Field Plugin

The plugin adds a 5 star rating field at the end of comment form in your WordPress site allowing your website visitors to optionally submit a rating along with their comment.

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