Encourage Comments By Rewarding Commenters To Build Backlinks More Effectively In Your WordPress Site

Reward your WordPress site commenters by automatically adding a link to their latest post at the end of the comment they have posted. It Encourages a community and discover new posts.

CommentLuv, a free WordPress Plugin does this for you. It encourages your blog post readers to post a comment and in return they get a backlink to their latest blog post from your website which helps them to build backlinks and they visit your site more.

It also offers a Pro version which provides you with more amazing features that can bring more traffic and comments to your WordPress site, giving you the ability to fight spam, add keywords, integrate twitterlink, add a top commentators widget, social enticements. Not only this but you also get advanced backlink features on each CommentLuv blog after you comment and there are 10’s of thousands of CommentLuv blogs.

Comment showing the latest blog post of commenter

Check more Screenshots or View Video Tutorial for CommentLuv.

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