Easy Content Slider With CSS3 Animations For WordPress

WP Parallax Content Slider is a powerful customizable JQuery content slider plugin with CSS3 animations, parallax effects, 4 different themes and more. The plugin provides you beautiful transitions between slides made using a combination of CSS3 and JQuery for displaying a cool parallax effect.

Parallax Content Slider

The plugin is highly customizable, you can display your latest posts or posts from a selected category. You can set the plugin to autoplay mode, enable a beautiful theme and insert it below your blog posts on single posts pages for increasing your page views and time on site.

Where you can insert the slider: You can insert the slider anywhere you like. It provides you a shortcode [parallaxcontentslider] which you can use inside your posts, pages and other shortcode supported areas for manual insertion of slider.

Or you can use its PHP code in your theme’s template php files:

if ( function_exists( 'get_wp_parallax_content_slider' ) ) { get_wp_parallax_content_slider(); }

Some of the basic plugin features allows you to :- 

  • Filter post category directly with a shortcode parameter (eg. [parallaxcontentslider categ="2"] or [parallaxcontentslider categ="2,5"]);
  • Select the type of content to display (posts, pages, both), also you can select individual categories
  • You can set the number of slides to display, enable auto-switch mode, set the time between each slide, sort order of the content, choose a graphic theme and much more.

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