Free WordPress Content Slider Plugin With Beautiful Fading Effects

WP Fading Content Slider is the brand new highly customizable JQuery content slider plugin with CSS3 animations and cool fading effects.

WP Fading Content Slider is the new content slider plugin for WordPress, transitions between slides are made using a powerful combination of CSS3 and JQuery for displaying a beautiful fading effect, see it in action here. You can download it for free from WordPress plugin repository.

WordPress Fading Content Slider

Usage: Install and activate it then visit Dashboard -> Settings -> WP Fading Content Slider and set the options. Use [fadingslider] shortcode for displaying slider inside your posts, pages and other shortcode supported areas of your website. Since this plugin is a recent launch, developers are still working on it so future updates would be giving you more good features.

Plugin’s Settings Page:

WordPress Fading Content Slider

Currently it allows you to make following customization:

  1. You can set Time between transitions
  2. You can set Slide image width and height
  3. You can also change Slider’s text width and color
  4. You can set the order (by date, ascending, descending etc)
  5. You can change Slider container’s width, height, its background & border color etc.

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