New Beautiful & Responsive Olevmedia Shortcodes For WordPress

Olevmedia Shortcodes is the brand new WordPress plugin with new cool shortcodes like Accordion, Toogle, Responsive Tabs, Blockquote, Border, Buttons, Colors, Responsive Columns, Dropcaps, Iconsm Infoboxes with buttons, Lists, Logos, Responsive Google Map, Marker, Recent Posts, Table, Responsive Pricing tables, Responsive video inserted for YouTube, Vimeo etc and there are many more shortcodes.

Installation & Usage

Install and activate Olevmedia Shortcodes plugin.

After activation the plugin automatically adds a shortcode generator button in your WordPress visual editor (as shown in the above given screenshot) and hence there is no worries for remembering shortcodes or copy-pasting them from anywhere else.

Screenshot Showing Infoboxes via shortcode:

Screenshot showing Pricing Tables via Shortcode:

Screenshot Showing Button Shortcode Examples:

Shortcodes layout is cool, glossy and also responsive and hence they are nicely displayed on mobile devices and tablets etc.

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