Allow Visitors To Save Articles To ‘Read It Later’ List In Your WordPress Site

Now you can easily add a unique bookmarking feature in WordPress that will work right from your website without using any third party service. 

Read It Later Lite is an awesome plugin that allows you to add a ‘Read It Later’ link after each and every article in your WordPress site. The link when clicked by a visitor on your website, adds that post to the visitor’s reading list on your website.

Start by installing and activating Read It Later Lite plugin in your WordPress site

Upon activation visit your admin area dashboard and click ‘Read It Later’ from the side admin menu.

Read It Later Lite 1

Select whether your like displaying it on the top or bottom of your posts. Other options allows you to:

  • Select the page with shortcode (for displaying ‘Read It later’ lists made by visitors on your website)
  • You can customize ‘Read It later’ text and ‘Remove all from list’ Text

Now your next step is to create a new page (or open an old one for editing), name it ‘My Reading List’ (or whatever your like) and insert this [gema75_rilshortcode.

You can show the page link in your website menu to make it more visible and easily accessible for your website visitors.

So how exactly ‘Read It Later Lite’ works?

When someone lands on your website, he will be seeing a ‘Read It Later’ link before or after your articles. When the link is clicked, the plugin works to add that post to that visitor’s reading list on your website.

The reading list shows up on the page where you have used [gema75_rilshortcode.

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