Easily Display Your Blog Author Avatars List Anywhere In Your WordPress Site

Bloggers running a multi-author WordPress blog can display avatar list of their site authors using a widget or shortcode. Here are two WordPress plugins that allows you to do so very easily.

Author Avatars List

With this plugin you can display lists of your blog user avatars using sidebar widgets or by using shortcode inside your posts and pages. It can also insert single avatars for blog users or email address in a blog post or page.

WordPress display avatar

Install and activate it, then visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets and configure its widget in the same old way. OR use [authoravatars] shortcode for displaying avatars, you can use various parameters with this shortcode, visit here for learning about its parameters usage.

Both Shortcode and Widgets can be configured:-

  1. You can show a custom title in widget only
  2. You can show specific user groups and/or hide certain users
  3. You can limit the number of users to display
  4. You can change the sorting order of users or you can display them randomly
  5. You can adjust user avatars size
  6. Optionally you can show a user’s name or biography
  7. You can show users from the current blog, all blogs or a selection of blogs (on WPMU/Multisite)
  8. Group users by their blog (when showing from multiple blogs), and show the blog name above each grouping (experimental feature).
  9. Shortcode can page the avatars for large sets add a page_size to the shortcode e.g. “page_size=30”

WordPress Author Profile Avatars List

WordPress Author Profile Avatars List

Use this plugin for displaying the list of your WordPress blog authors in your sidebar and other widget areas. Install and activate it then visit Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets and start using “Author Avatars List” widget.

The widget is highly customizable, it allows you to choose a custom widget title, exclude users, select number of columns to display, custom Gravatar size, number of authors to show in a list and space between author avatars.

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