How To Record Post Reactions Of Your WordPress Site Visitors?

Not everyone who reads your post comments on your website and mostly the comments are made by the website owners and bloggers working to build up good back links to increase page rank and traffic towards their web addresses. Now, if you add some feedback buttons after you posts and ask your readers to rate the post can bring a boost of reactions (if you have traffic).

Reaction Buttons, a free WordPress plugin inspired from Blogger. The plugin adds buttons for very simple and fast feedback to your post or somewhere else you like and makes it easy for you to record reader reactions as they can quickly say what they are thinking about your blog post without the hassle of writing and posting a whole new comment.

Hence, it makes interaction more easy. The buttons are configurable: you can set how many buttons you want, what text you want to display in your buttons and the position, counters etc. The plugin also provides you a widget and shortcode for displaying the top x posts with most clicks for each button.

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