Enable Read More Link To Open Up Post In AJAXified Inline Modal WordPress Box

Default ‘Read More’ links opens up post in a fresh web page. As soon ‘Read More’ link is clicked, the page opens up with a refresh. In this tutorial we will explain you how you can open up the post in same window in a AJAXified popup which instantly comes visible without any page refresh.

Install and activate Modal Read More plugin. After activation the plugin automatically enables the read more link which opens the post in modal window. There are no complicated configuration settings, the plugin simply extends default WordPress read more link feature which can be added from the visual editor tinyMCE button or with <!--more–> tag.

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The plugin has a options page at Dashboard -> Settings -> Modal Read More but there is only one option which loads bootstrap modal. You may set this option to ‘NO’ only if bootstrap is already loaded in your WordPress theme. The plugin works with most WordPress themes and automatically grabs the CSS.

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