Leadin – Know Your Website Visitors Contact And Marketing Information In WordPress

Leadin is a marketing automation and lead tracking plugin that lets you know your website visitors, their contact information, social profile links to better understand them and their interests on your website. 

It gets integrated with various form plugins (like contact form) and whenever any visitors submits a contact form, the plugin works and adds that visitor in your contact database.

Leadin 3

It shows you each contact with important information like you can know what content of your website interest your visitors most.

Leadin 2

It also provides you a optional newsletter form which appears when a user scrolls to the bottom of any web page on your website. The good thing is signing up or closing that pop-in form hides the form and doesn’t shows it to that visitor again.

How it works?

Leadin 1

When the plugin is installed, activated and an email address is added in the plugin’s settings page on a WordPress site:

  1. It starts tracking each anonymous visitor coming to your website.
  2. It automatically identifies and watches each existing form on your website for submissions.
  3. When someone fills out any other form on your site, the plugin identifies that person with their email address and then adds them to your contact list.
  4. It also sends you an email with a link to the new contact record showing all of their visit history.

Leadin 4

The plugin is multisite compatible, it puts all data to each website’s installation without requiring you to follow any additional setup wizard.

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