How To Discourage Your Visitors From Blocking Ads While Browsing Your WordPress Site?

One one hand some programmers are creating Ad Blocker apps that disables all kinds of advertisements any visitor see while exploring websites and on other hand there are many programmers creating other apps that tries to block ad blockers. One thing is common, all are creating utilities. This tutorial is on new interesting WordPress plugin that simply displays a message if the visitor is using some kind of add blocker while accessing your website.

Ad Blocking Detector doesn’t let ad blocker wielding visitors see a blank space. Instead it displays alternative content if ad blocking is detected. It is compatible with all web and mobile browsers. You can specify two alternative sections of content. One is for normal visitors whereas other is for visitors using common ad blocking software, such as the popular Adblock Plus. This content is tied to a shortcode which checks for active ad blockers and displays the appropriate content. See FAQs.

How To Use Ad Blocking Detector?

Install and activate Ad Blocking Detector plugin. After activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Adblock admin page and you can use the given shortodes for detecting ad blocker and displaying message. For using shortcodes, you will have to copy and paste the value from the shortcode column into your post, page, or sidebar text widget.

Also, you can create and edit new shortcodes from its admin page. Simply by clicking the “New Shortcode” button.

Tip: By default, the WordPress sidebar does not display shortcodes but you can this functionality manually by pasting following code in your theme’s function.php file:

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode');

The plugin also provides you all usage instructions on its admin settings page on the backend of your WordPress site.

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