Allow Internal Private Messages For Your WordPress Site Members

BuddyPress private messages are good, its a network plugin. But we don’t have any such functionality in WordPress by default. But still you can add feature of sending private messages by users to each other just like in forum.

Your site users will be having their Inbox and Outbox for messages, they will be getting email notifications for new messages and as an administrator you can control total numbers of items in mailbox of each user group (Administrator, Editor, Author, Constributor and Subscriber) using following plugin.

Private Messages For WordPress

Private Messages For WordPress is a WordPress plugin that allows users to send messages.

Installation & Usage:

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Set the number of PM for each user role, and the email template in the plugin option page (or you can use the default option)
  3. Set how to choose recipient: from dropdown list or auto suggest from user input
  4. Now you will see a new menu Messages in the left. Just select Send for sending PM or check the Inbox and Outbox.

Need more help? View FAQs here.

Private Messages For WordPress Screenshots

Option’s Page:

Private Messages For WordPress Options


Private Messages For WordPress Inbox


Private Messages For WordPress Outbox

Send Page:

Private Messages For WordPress Users

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