Automatically Send Welcome Message, Group Invitation Or Friend Request To Newly Registered Members Of Your BuddyPress Community

Whenever someone registers on your BuddyPress site you can automatically send a welcome message, friend request, group invitation and also you can redirect to a custom page using Welcome Pack plugin for BuddyPress. You can do a lot more, go through this tutorial.

Welcome Pack

Install and activate it then visit your admin area Dashboard -> Settings -> Welcome Pack

It gives you following features and every feature has an on/off option:

  1. Customise the emails sent by BuddyPress, either in plain text or rich HTML versions. To change the emails, visit the Dashboard -> Emails page.
  2. Invite the new user to become friends with certain members. It’s a great way of teaching people how the friend acceptance process works on your site, and how they can use friendships to filter activity streams.
  3. Ask the new user if they’d like to join a group. You could use this to invite all new users on your site to join a support group, to keep all of your frequently asked questions in the same place.
  4. When the new user logs into your site for the very first time, use Start Page to redirect them anywhere you’d like. This complements the Welcome Message fantastically; create a page or blog post which showcases the features of your site.
  5. Send the newly-registered user a private message; use this to welcome people to your site and help them get started.

Usage: Turning each feature on will add a new tab on Welcome Pack’s settings page and from there you can control all its features.

You can select new members to become friends with certain members automatically:

Welcome Friends On BuddyPress

You can set groups where newly registered members get joined automatically:

Welcome Groups For BuddyPress

You can set the welcome page URL where a new members get redirected on first time login:

Welcome New Member Page In BuddyPress

You can set the private message and sender’s name for newly registered members:

welcome private message in BuddyPress

If you need more support or you find some bug then click Get Support tab on the plugin’s page itself and contact its developers easily:

easily get support for BuddyPress welcome pack plugin

You can manage all BuddyPress (auto send) Email messages from Dashboard ->Emails menu:

welcome pack BuddyPress manage emails

You can create new Email messages (also in rich HTML) with attributes:

welcome pack BuddyPress emails

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