Provide An Option To Like An Article For Both Members And Guests Of Your WordPress Site

Blog readers are not always ready to post comment for their like or dislike. You can add an option to like posts and pages so that your members and visitors can quickly like your posts by clicking the like button.

Like Button On WordPress Posts
‘I Like It’ Button on posts

KK I Like It, a WordPress plugin provides post liking feature to WordPress site:

  1. Install and activate it,
  2. On the left hand side, ‘KK I Like It’ tab should appear.
  3. And from that (KK I Like It) tab, you can manage your plug-in
WordPress Post Like option
Gravatar of people liked certain post

KK I Like It plugin offers you following features:


  1. Option to like article/page
  2. Add gravatar of persons who liked the post


  1. Recently liked
  2. The most liked
  3. Your liked (only for registered users)


  1. Most liked
  2. Recently liked
  3. Display rate button
  4. Display rating score

Settings Page:

  1. Text “like it!”
  2. Text  “Unlike”
  3. Theme selection
  4. Own rating position
  5. Can only users vote?
  6. Button display generator
  7. Choice of display position
  8. Disable likes for single pages or posts
  9. Should the button display on the list of articles?
  10. Show number of likes (always/after hovering cursore over the button/never show)
  11. Choice of content that should have the button (articles only, pages only, articles and pages)

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