How To Enable File Attachment In BuddyPress Private Messages ?

If you are running a BuddyPress networking site then you can enable your members to send file attachments with their private messages.

BuddyPress Message Attachment

BuddyPress Message Attachment is the brand new BuddyPress plugin in WordPress Plugin Repository. It simply allows BuddyPress site members to attach files in their private messages. File type and maximum upload can be controlled by the site administrators.

Message Compose Screen showing ‘Add an attachment’ option:

Send Attachment In BuddyPress Private Messages

Message Received With Attachment:

BuddyPress Message Received With Attachment

Installation & Usage

Install and activate it and it automatically adds Add an attachement option on BuddyPres message compose page. Site admins can set following parameters from Dashboard:

  1. Maximum File Size
  2. Allowed Extensions
  3. Add more file types.
  4. Show Audio and Video tag.
  5. Code to wrap around the attachements, Code for audio files and video files.

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