How To Make And Display Featured Members In Your BuddyPress Site ?

Now you can feature selected members in your BuddyPress site and display them using shortcode. This is a popular feature used in various high ranking websites like Bloggers.Com and now you can easily extend your BuddyPresss install with this new feature.

First install and activate the new BuddyPress Plugin BuddyPress Featured Member. The lets you make fetured members in you BuddyPress community website and easily show them using shortcodes as shown below:

For Example:

[bfm view=”slider” max=”15″ filter=”alphabetical” astyle=”round_0″ asize=”100″ ]

BuddyPress site admins can make members as featured simply from their profile page and featured members can be shown using shortcodes. You can use its shortcode generator present in its admin page Shortcdes parameters: = [bfm] ( without parameters )

1. view: options: normal, slider (default: normal)
2. max: Number of members you want to show ( default 5 )
3. filter: member filter by buddypress filters ( default: active )
4. astyle: avatar style code ( default: round_0 )
5. asize: avatar size ( default: 150px )
6. user_type: BuddyPress User Account Type PRO integration.( default: none )

Read Official Plugin’s Documenation Link

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