Setup Internal Messaging System For WordPress Admin Area

In this lesson we will show you how you can easily setup working an internal messaging system for WordPress admin area dashboard. This way registered users on your website would be able to send and receive private messages from their admin profile section. 

SmokeSignal is a free WordPress plugin that automatically activates messaging functionality and enables your users to send and receive messages either to individual users or to a group of users like site admins, authors, editors etc on your website.

Start by installing SmokeSignal plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin adds a new admin page ‘Messages’ in ‘Users’ menu.

It shows you two buttons:

  1. Send Message: The button allows you to send message by selecting username.
  2. Send message to a group: The button allows you to send message to various user roles like admin, author, editor, contributor, subscribe and other custom user role types.

Message can be viewed and replied from admin area dashboard Users -> Message page.

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