How To Add A Notepad In Your WordPress Dashboard ?

Use WordPress Dashboard Notepad for keeping your notes, what comes in your mind before posting an article, links and all that data you use before writing a complete blog post.

Dashboard Notepad

WordPress Dashboard Notepad

Dashboard Notepad plugin is a dashboard widget that provides you a simple dashboard notepad. It allows you to choose which roles can edit the notes, and which roles can merely read them.

WordPress Dashboard Notepad Options

Also you can display the contents of your notepad using a template tag or shortcode. The widget permissions apply to these tags as well: only users with permission to read the notes will see the notes on the front end. You can use div#dashboard-notes in your theme’s CSS file for styling the notes.

Installation & Usage:

  1. Install and activate the plugin
  2. Visit Dashboard and configure the widget by clicking the link in its upper right corner.
  3. For displaying your notes in a theme file, use the <?php dashboard_notes(); ?> template tag.
  4. For displaying your notes in a post, page, or text widget, use the [dashboard_notes]shortcode.
  5. To use it in a widget, you’ll have to enable shortcode parsing in text widgets, if you haven’t already. Add add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode'); to your functions.php file.
  6. You can use div#dashboard-notes in your theme’s CSS file to style the notes.

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