Internal Link Manager: Automatically Add Internal Links Across Your WordPress Site

New WordPress Plugin by Kevin Leary automatically adds link keywords and phrases to your site posts and pages. For example, you can very easily make the phase “Linux” get automatically linked to page This is both good for SEO, and for reducing bounce rate.


So for starting up first of all install and activate Internal Link Manager. Best part of this plugin is you can even set the maximum number of keyword links to display per post. For example: Suppose you have used keyword Linux six times in particular blog post then this plugin will not be linking all keywords again and again instead it only shows default number of maximum links set by you.

WordPress Internal Link Manager

Usage: After activating,visit Dashboard -> Tools -> Internal Links. Add keywords, their URLs then select the number of links to show per page using drop down box and click Save button. That’s all. In order to delete added Keyword/URL, simply empty the url field and save your changes.

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