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How To Display Top Songs Everyday In WordPress?

Today a user at SANGKRIT.net asked us how he can display a list of top songs on his music weblog. There are various ways of displaying songs manually in WordPress and if you like doing this automatically then go for Top Songs, a widget plugin that automatically generates and display a list of top songs everyday in your WordPress site.

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Top 5 Awesome Audio Player Plugins For WordPress

Want to create music playlists or if you are willing to sell music on your website or whatever. The following plugins are tested on latest WordPress version of 3.8.1 and then included in the following list. If you are just looking up for a simple music player with basic controls then no need to install and plugins, WordPress already provides an audio player you can use for including and playing music files inside your posts etc, a few days back we discussed about it here. We have also discussed about Audio Player plugin which is among the most popular audio plugin in WordPress plugin repository. Now if you still need more the check out the following plugins and use the one works best for you.

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WordPress Provides You Built In Audio Player & Shortcode

Many website owners doesn’t know that WordPress now already provides you a built in audio player. Yes, you can use it without installing any addon, you can either insert the URL of your audio file (one on a line) and the oEmbed will work itself or you can upload and insert audio file just like any other image file from your media library and the WordPress will add appropriate shortcodes by itself.

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How To Create An Online Music Store With WordPress & PayPal?

You can sell audio files like music, speeches, narratives, MP3 and more using your WordPress site and your PayPal account. Music Store is an awesome online store plugin which enables WordPress users for selling audio files: music, speeches, narratives, everything that is audio, you can receive secure payments with PayPal.

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Creating Beautiful & Responsive Audio Playlists In WordPress

Cue, a free and powerful WordPress plugin that provides you ability to use your website as a music website. With this awesome plugin, you can easily create stylish playlists (as many you want, you can host audio files on your website, you can upload new audio files, you can reuse existing files from your media library or add audio from links to other external remote sources and then easily display them anywhere on your website like on widgets, inside your posts and page or by using the shortcode and template tag.

How To Transform WordPress Into A Music Website?

Install and activate Cue plugin. After activation the plugin adds ‘Playlists’ a new post type in left side admin menu.

Creating A New Playlist

Visit your Dashboard -> Playlists -> Add New page, give your playlist a title and upload songs by clicking ‘Add Tracks’ button. After uploading songs you can drag-drop and reorder them.

Click the arrow on the right of each item to reveal more configuration options. Also you can set a featured image for your playlist and for each song. When you’re done, click ‘Publish’ button and copy the shortcode showing up on left below publish metabox.

Finally, place the copied shortcode into a post or page to embed this playlist.

The plugin also provides you a widget (Appearance -> Widgets page) with which you can display playlist on your sidebar and other widgets area simply by placing the widgets and selecting a playlist from the drop down.

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For more fine-grained control over where the playlist appears, you can use its template tag: <?php cue_playlist( $id ); ?>

Main Features:

  • Reorder tracks with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Seamlessly integrates with WordPress’ media manager to select audio and images.
  • Completely responsive to work on any device that supports your chosen audio format.
  • Extends the MediaElement.js script bundled with core.

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