How To Trace IP & Location Of Email Sender In Gmail?

All email comes with headers that carry important meta data that can also tell you the IP address of email sender. Many times you receive email from unknown persons, if some anonymous email is bothering you then you can easily get to know the IP address of that email sender to track his location.

In this lesson you will learn about tracing the IP address of email senders in Gmail. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Login to Gmail
  • Open any Email conversation
  • Click on ‘More’ icon Gmail More Option present right next to reply icon
  • Click on “Show Originals”

It opens up a page showing you all important information about that email conversation. You will get the IP address on the third line, as shown in the given screenshot.

Gmail Email IP

IP can also be traced on other email services too by following similar steps like Hotmail & AOL provides IP information in ‘View message source’ option, Yahoo gives ‘View full header’ option in more menu etc.

Now you have got the IP address. It can be tracked online, there are various services (such as and that allows you to track any IP location.

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