Top 4 Plugins For Hiding Your Whole WordPress Site Or Selected Features

This tutorial lists four different plugin you can use for hiding your WordPress site like you can choose a single password to hide and protect your entire WordPress based site from the public and search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing. Or your blog posts, your admin bar and comment feature.

Hide My Site

Thee plugin allows you to choose a single password for protecting your entire WordPress site. Only visitors having your website password will be able to access your website.

Hide Admin Bar


The plugin automatically hides your admin bar (both for logged-in & logged-out users) from the front-end of your WordPress site.

WP Hide Post

The plugin enables you to control the visibility of items on your WordPress blog by making posts/pages hidden on some parts of your website, while still visible in other parts.

Hide Comments Feature


The plugin completely removes WP comments functionality and related in your WordPress instance. Great for those who don’t need to have the Comments feature in WordPress

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