WP Curtain: Hiding Your WordPress Site From General Public & Search Engines

WP Curtain is the new highly customizable WordPress plugin that lets you hide your website from general visitors and search engines like Google, Yahoo and all others. The plugin allows you to enable access for logged in users having a specified access level like Editor, they can can view website but all other visitors will get directed to a friendly error page showing a message or a beautiful countdown timer (FlipClock) or a log in section, its up to you. You can easily customize its settings.

Simply install and activate WP Curtain plugin. Upon activation visit your admin area Dashboard -> Plugins -> WP Curtain Settings page and here you can:

  1. You can add Title, Heading and Description to show on the page where your visitors are directed.
  2. You can enable or disable countdown timer. It shows when will your website be online by asking you to enter expected site’s online date, hours, minutes and seconds.WP Curtain
  3. You can set enable or disable login box, You can add Redirect URL where your users will be sent here after login. Leave it empty to send them to the page that they tried to access. Finally the third sections lets you set minimum access level required to view your website.

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