Enable Name-Email Address Form Prior To Downloads In WordPress

You can enable a simple form for your website users for collecting information like their name and email address prior to any download in WordPress.

Using Email Before Download plugin in your WordPress site you can easily presents your users with a form so that they submit their info like name and email address before they get to download a file.

This plugin gets integrated with the popular WordPress plugins like Contact Form 7 and WordPress Download Monitor plugins thus allows you to create and manage any kind form you like for your file downloads.

The plugin also enables you to EXPORT list of users who have downloaded files from the plugin’s options page.

Installation & Usage: Remember prior to installing Email Before Download plugin please confirm each of dependent plugins (Contact Form 7 and WordPress Download Monitor) is already installed and activated in your WordPress site.

Install and activate Email Before Download then follow the given steps.

Step-1 Visit Dashboard -> Settings -> Email Before Download and set your options. You can set Email Before Download to:

  1. Display a link to your file directly under the contact form once it is submitted`. This happens dynamically, inline of your post/page.
  2. Send the user an email with a link and/or attachment to download your file.
  3. Both #1 and #2

Step-2 Create a contact form used by Email Before Download using Contact Form 7 and note the Contact Form ID

Step-3 Upload a file using Download Monitor and note the Download ID
Navigate to the Post (or Page) you wish to include

Step-4 Add the following short code using the IDs collected in the first two steps [email-download download_id="X" contact_form_id="Y"]

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