Shortcode For Hiding Specific Parts Of Post Content In WordPress

Hide This is the new WordPress plugin that allows you to hide provides some parts of content inside your blog posts and pages using a [hide] shortcode. Using this shortcode you can easily manage inclusions and exclusions for hidden content in three different hiding levels:

  1. Absolute
  2. Groups and capabilities
  3. Specific user


Sometimes when you don’t want to publish some part of your blog post or you want to display some specific content partso a certain group or users like your loggedin users or clients, this plugin is the best fit for these kinds needs.

All content wrapped inside the shortcode won’t even get printed as HTML. It goes hidden completely, unlike to other plugins that hide content via CSS and Javascript.

How To Use It ? Install and activate Hide This plugin then for basic usage:

[hide]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.[/hide]

Given example hides that content for all the your website visitors and registered users.

But you can be more specific by using attributes given on the plugin’s page here.

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