Top 12 Free Plugins For Better Management Of WordPress Multisite Networks

If you are running a WordPress Multisite network then you might be looking for the plugins that hides some default WordPress features for your client sites. Here are some popular and useful list of plugins that allows you to manage your network in a better way.

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  • Hyper Admins: Simplifies admin tasks. With this plugin super admins can view any theme on any site without enabling it. Also they can visit any site from admin bar’s My Sites menu without having a role on it.
  • User Switching: With this plugin you can instantly switch between user accounts in your WordPress site or multisite network.
  • Hide Inactive Sites: With this plugin you can change the visibility of sites which are having no activity for a specified amount of time.
  • Superadmin Helper: Provides super admins with set of utilities including Logging of basic events, e-mails sent by WordPress, changing of user’s primary blog ID on profile field, user’s last logon time, banning of IP’s trying to log in as selected users etc
  • Multisite Plugin Stats: Simple WordPress plugin that shows plugin activations across all your network sites, this way you can easily clean up all unused plugins.
  • Network Plugin Auditor: With this plugin you can easily keep track which plugins are used on which sites. It adds columns to your network dashboard showing subsites each plugin and theme.
  • Add User Autocomplete: Enables autocomplete features while adding existing User field from Dashboard -> Users -> Add New. Only for multisite installations, doesn’t works in single WP install.
  • Multisite Plugin Manager: With this plugin you can manage plugin access permissions for plugins installed across your entire WordPress multisite network.
  • Multisite Dashboard Switcher: It adds a menu in WordPress admin bar that allows you to switch between various multisite dashboards.
  • WPMS Site Maintenance Mode: Using this plugin network admins can easily put entire network, subsites or main site under maintenance mode.
  • Hide Welcome Panel For MultisiteWhenever users of your WordPress Multisite Network registers a new site, they get redirected to WordPress welcome page. You can easily hide it from getting displayed to your users by using this plugin. It prevents MU users from seeing welcome panel on newly registered sites.  
  • Multisite User Registration Manager: Adds a Two-level moderation. Provides a system for registration requests and their processing. Whenever a visitor registers on your network, it adds a moderation request to blog admins and when blog admins approve the person then request passes to site admins.


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