Enable Quick Frontend AJAX Editing And Many Other Useful Features In WordPress Commenting System

By default AJAX editing is only possible in admin area’s all comment’s quick edit option; now this tutorial explains how you can add a quick and powerful AJAX editing front-end feature for your website users. Simply install and activate WP Ajax Edit Comments plugin; soon after activation you can start editing comments on front-end using this plugin’s AJAX edit feature. Not only this much but this plugin provides you a plenty of the options and  features that you can configure from your admin area dashboard’s AEC (AJAX Edit Comments) menu.

Admin Features of AJAX Edit Comment

  • Admins can edit all comments, move all comments, blacklist comments, approve, held for moderation, mark as spam or delete all comments from any post.
  • Admins can undo functionality for most editing options.
  • They can choose different icon sets to use on their blog.
  • Dropdown menu to de-clutter the interface.
  • Improved RTL support.
  • Various types of admin-panel options including
    • Can edit comment time.
    • Can specify anonymous user options.
    • Can specify logged-in user options.
    • Can choose between Akismet and Defensio for spam protection.
    • Can disable timer and much more.

Anonymous User Features Options:

  • Anonymous users can edit comments for a limited time.
  • Anonymous users can request deletion of own comments.

Logged-in User Options

  • Potential indefinite comment editing.
  • They can edit comments for a limited time which is specified by the site administrators.

Other Plugin Features Include:

  • New pop-up box called Colorbox used.
  • Timer on both the post and in the comment-editing interface.
  • Improved usability and look-and-feel.
  • Better error and status messages.

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