Top 10 Plugins To Extend WordPress Post Thumbnails Functionality

Featured images, also called post thumbnails are used for representing contents like posts, pages and other custom post types etc.The featured image can be easily assigned from post edit screen (see how), these are also used by many themes and plugins for enhancing your content presentation. In this tutorial we are listing some of the best plugins you may use for extending the default thumbnails feature in WordPress.

Video Thumbnails

Video Thumbnails simplifies the process of automatically displaying video thumbnails in your WordPress template.

Featured Image via URL

Featured Image via URL is a plugin to generate the featured image of post from the image url specified. The image will be fetched back and saved into the Media Library with all supported sizes. If the featured image is already present, the plugin will do nothing.

Featured Image via URL

Nelio External Featured Image

Use external images from anywhere as the featured image of your pages and posts.

Nelio External Featured Image 1

Thumbnails for Backend

Simple plugin to add thumbnails to your Posts list within the WordPress backend.

Multiple Post Thumbnails

Adds multiple post thumbnails to a post type. If you’ve ever wanted more than one Featured Image on a post, this plugin is for you.

Multiple Post Thumbnails

Drag & Drop Featured Image

Drag & Drop Featured Image is a plugin that replaces the default featured image metabox with a drop zone for faster and more convenient uploads.

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild allows you to rebuild all thumbnails at once without script timeouts on your server.

AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild

Post Thumbnail Editor

Fed up with the lack of automated tools to properly crop and scale post thumbnails? Maybe this plugin can help.

Post Thumbnail Editor

Featured Image from Google Images

A quick and easy way to set feature image from Google image search.

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