Start Any Kind Of Website Or Webservice From cPanel In Minutes

Installatron is a very powerful one-click web application installer that enables hosting owners to create any kind of website like blogs, dynamic websites, eCommerce websites, photo galleries, mailing list websites, forums, online stores, URL shortner websites, RSS reader websites, wikis etc in just one click.

Create Any Kind Of Website In Minutes

It provides you an application browser on cPanel from where you can install popular web applications and website builders completely free of cost, on your domain, sub domain or sub directory. The given slideshow shows a classified lists of free application you can install from your’s hosting account.

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How To Use Installatron?


To install any application using installatron, first login to your account and launch your hosting cPanel.

Scroll down to ‘Software/Services’ section and click ‘Installatron’.

Select Application Browser tab and you will be seeing a list of many website building applications which you can install simply by clicking their icon, as shown in the given video tutorial.

Installatron is a very good service that makes things very easy for people who don’t know anything about website building and coding functions.

It can also be used by developers for creating any kind of websites and services their clients wants in just a few minutes. has a very special hosting plan (Ultimate Hosting Plan of for website designers, which enables you to add unlimited domain, host unlimited websites from one single hosting account.

Installatron, the one click web app installer is available on each and every hosting plan and server of

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