How To Manually Fix Up Post Thumbnails In WordPress?

Now WordPress provides you a very easy set of features for editing images uploaded to media library. We a have also posted a tutorial about cropping post thumbnails. This tutorial is about a similar plugin called Post Thumbnail Editor which provides WordPress users with an interface to manually fix post thumbnail and other random images.

Post Thumbnail Editor

You must have noticed (especially is you are using a fixed thumbnail size in your website’s theme) that for meeting the needs of some WordPress themes where the assigned featured images are uploaded with random and capricious sizes makes WordPress to auto crop them simply from the middle. Either chopping off the top and bottom or chopping off the image from sides, it sometimes give a very bad presentation.

Here comes the use of Post Thumbnail Editor plugin which simply attempts to give post authors an easy UI and enable them to manually fix up such thumbnails.

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How To Use WordPress Post Thumbnail Editor?

Install and activate Post Thumbnail Editor. Upon activation there are three ways you can use for editing your thumbnails:

From WordPress Media Library

  1. Visit your admin area dashboard Media -> Library screen
  2. Click the “Thumbnail” link visible in rollover options.

Using Image Editor At The Time Of Viewing Image Details

  1. Click “Edit Image”
  2. Click the “Post Thumbnail Editor” link visible under the other thumbnail options section.

Using Post Thumbnail Editor Interface

  1. Select the thumbnails you want to edit. If a thumbnail defines a specific aspect ratio it will be applied to the editor. If you select thumbnails with different aspect ratios (width / height), this feature is disabled. Be careful or you might make some of your pictures look funny.
  2. Select the cropped/scaled area, by clicking and dragging on the left-hand image.
  3. Click the “Crop” button.
  4. Use the save icon to save the pictures, or use the view tab to compare the old and new versions before you commit.

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