Extend WordPress Post Save Button With More Useful Options

Default WordPress post save button only updates your blog post or saves post draft. In this lesson you will learn about adding more useful options so that you can save your precious time while updating and modifying your blog posts.

Improved Save Button is a WordPress plugin which upon activation enhances save button on posts, pages and other custom post types by adding more options to it.

With this plugin activated you can update post and get automatically redirected to add new post page or get redirected to all posts list, open next-previous post to edit, all from one save button.

So how this works? The plugin adds a dropdown icon that provides you more options such as:

  • Save and List (a.k.a. Save and Close): in one click, save the current post and go back to the posts list.
  • Save and New: in one click, save the current post and go to the New Post screen.
  • Save and Previous: in one click, save the current post and go to the previous post’s Edit screen.
  • Save and Next: in one click, save the current post and go to the next post’s Edit screen.

Start by installing ‘Improved Save Button’ in WordPress

Upon activation, visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Improved Save Button page and tick the option you want to enable for save button. You may either also keep old save button or completely replace it with new save button by checking in the option: ‘Display the new save button as the default one’.

The plugin enables a new type of “Save” button on the Post Edit screen, which in one click, saves the current post and immediately redirects you to either the posts list, the New Post screen or the Post Edit screen of the previous or next post, as per your command.

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