How To Auto Set Featured Images From Video Embeds In WordPress?

Specially when you are publishing video posts or running a video broadcasting website using WordPress. In general, you manually search related video thumbnails to set an image as featured post image. This tutorial is about an awesome WordPress plugin called Video Thumbnail. It  makes thing easier by automatically finding the first embedded or oEmbedded video in your post and generating a thumbnail from it.

How Video Thumbnails Works?

As soon you publish a post, the plugin automatically generate an image from that video and makes it your post’s featured image, saving it to your media library at the same time.

The plugin works for all embedded videos from popular video broadcasting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vine,, and a lot more.

How To Use Video Thumbnail In WordPress?

Install and activate Video Thumbnail plugin. For for generating the video post thumbnail, simply create a new post (Posts -> Add New), embed or Oembed a video by pasting its URL (one in a line) and publish it.

You will find a new auto generated thumbnail has been set as your post’s thumbnail.

Options & Settings

Although the plugin automatically starts working as soon you activate it. But there are some options you can change to or select from.

How To Use Video Thumbnail In WordPress?

Visit your admin area dashboard Settings -> Video Thumbnails page and you can enable/disable save thumbnails to media library option, you can enable/disable automatically set featured image option, you can enable it on other post types and pages etc.

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