Managing Featured Images On Multiple WordPress Posts

Featured images i.e. post thumbnails can be assigned and edited from post edit screen. Earlier we have discussed about assigning default posts images in WordPress, we have also discussed about setting up default featured images for taxonomies like tags and categories. 

Now today in this lesson you will learn how you can edit post thumbnails at once for multiple WordPress posts.

Featured Images is a WordPress plugin that lets you do this very easily from the admin dashboard.

Start by installing ‘Quick Featured Images’ plugin in WordPress

Upon activation, the plugin adds a new menu item ‘Featured Images’ in your admin toolbar.

Clicking this icon directs you to plugin admin screen from where you can set new, replace or remove featured images in bulk.

Displaying random featured images:

Another good thing about this plugin is that you can assign multiple featured images and display them randomly.

Preset featured images by taxonomies:

As the plugin allows you set featured images by posts and categories. Visit your admin area dashboard Featured Images -> Preset Featured Images and you would be able to set featured images for every taxonomy on your website.

The page allows you set rules for default featured images on your website.

Here the first rule overrides featured image on any post as soon it saved or updated. Second rule uses the first image (in your post content) as featured post thumbnail . And the last option allows you to assign your own custom rules.

You can also enable a separate column showing featured post images on ‘All Posts’ admin screen.

Visit your admin area dashboard Featured Images -> Image Columns page to show additional columns for featured images in the list.

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