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Help People With Facts To Improve Their Fiction

Whenever data is worldly unavailable, it is supplied by humane imagination.

Stalin helped people invent a whole world by inventing almost everything. He invented his name, nationality, state, religion, god and public mindset as well for inventing the world’s greatest-ever empire as Soviet Union. So much imagination might have led anyone else into a mental asylum but Stalin, because of his unparalleled efforts in consistency with reality, emerged as the greatest-ever statesman.

Humankind are curious animals. Fact or fiction, they just want to know anything. Whenever data is worldly unavailable, it is supplied by humane imagination. They simply fill the blanks by inventing information. That is the way, humanity is used to work.

Therefore don’t ever hesitate in helping people with facts to improve their fiction. Signup for your free SANGKRIT.net account to become a personal outlet of its globally distributed order for doing that wherever you are so that now humankind get worldwide upgraded into its internet age.

Business is the best behavior yet known and internet industry paves the best way of doing that. Ignorant people are mostly afraid of making decisions. They will come to know when you will let them know.

Facts Are Fiction

Fantasy 1024-768Facts are fiction within the ocean of events. Even the participatory free will is itself a program. Whatever could get considered as facts in a program has always been a fiction of programmer.

The future gets made in its factory. That is why we proclaimed that programmers are ultimate masters of universe. Starting from abstract study of all changes through a circumstance that is called Mathematics, our disciples learn everything unto building their own assembly-line of immediate future that is called Programming.