How To Add Facebook Type News Ticker In WordPress Displaying Multi-Functional Data ?

You might have noticed while using Facebook it displays a news ticker showing recent live activities of your friends circle on the top right corner of your Facebook Account’s Home Page. If it is yet not visible in your FB’s homepage then may be you haven’t clicked Show Ticker Button, a tiny button present on the same top right corner.

Now you can easily display a similar ticker in your WordPress website also (by using shortcodes and widgets) showing auto scrolling news content etc created by you.

Installation & Usage

Install and activate Ditty News Ticker in your WordPress site. Ditty News Ticker is a brand new WordPress plugin that lets your show a News Ticker displaying multi-functional data given by you. After activation it adds a new menu News Tickers in your WordPress admin area sidebar.

Creating a new Ticker

For creating a new News Ticker visit Dashboard -> News Tickers -> Add New. Give your news ticker a Title. Now under the heading Default Ticker Items, type the content you want to show in this News Ticker. You may also add a custom link and target for your content. After adding first News Message click that small + button for adding more News Messages, its upto you how many News messages you add. You can give custom link and set target for each News Message in Ticker Text Box. Finally, click Publish button.

You can create as many News Tickers you want and access them from Dashboard -> News Tickers -> News Tickers (sub heading) page. This page also displays shortcodes and theme functions each after the listed ticker name.

Selecting Scroll, Rotate Or List Mode

By default it selects Scroll mode but you can choose your favorite mode for your Ticker content. Currently it allows you to select from Scroll, Rotate and List modes (View samples of each mode here) but soon you would be getting more Add On Extensions Here for trying many other modes.

All modes are highly customizable you can configure settings of Scroll, Rotate and List mode right from the Add New page.

Shortcode, Theme Function and Widget for displaying your Tickers

Shortcode: Right from the page where you are creating your News Ticker, it shows Shortcode on the right meta box. Copy paste that shortcode for displaying that particular News Ticker inside your blog post and pages.

Theme Function: If you like using direct function call for displaying any ticker with your theme’s template files then you may copy the Theme Function right form the page you have copied shortcode.

Widgets: For using its Widgets, its easy and you already know you have to visit Widgets page from your dashboard’s Appearance menu. You can add as many widgets you want and show a different ticker (using dropdown select box) in each widget. You can also show or hide widget title.

Adding Custom CSS: By default this plugin uses your theme’s CSS but it also allows you to add custom CSS for News Tickers, visit News Tickers -> Settings page for writing your own CSS.

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