Starting A Budget Website Is Far More Better Than Any Free Website

Hosting your website on Blogger, Weebly or Wix etc is free and they also give you a free domain which is actually a sub-domain. But their free is not free as in freedom. Such kind of website makes you look unprofessional, impacts your search rankings and you cannot make money from your website.

Having a website on someone else platform proves that you are not serious about your online presence. So even if you are just a hobby blogger, you should be serious about your website because you can earn from it.

By spending a little money you can have your own web space running your website on your own domain address such as which means that you are having your own web property and not a website owned and rented to you by some one else. This way you become the complete owner of your online presence. provides you everything you need to startup and grow online. So once you start your website at Sangkrit, you will never need to go somewhere else to add something else on your website. A simple email to works best to provide you support from the masters of code on per hour per terminal basis.

How To Launch Your Website?

You simply start by registering or transferring your domain to Followed by subscribing a hosting plan then installing WordPress to make your website live.

Tip – Subscribing any hosting option or server for 1 or more years makes the domain in your cart 100% free for the same time period.

Alternatively, there are many other free applications which you can  install on your domain to bring your website online. But WordPress is the winner because it is the most popular, newbie friendly platform which can be extended in seconds.

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