Starting A Managed WordPress Website (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Managed WordPress provides you complete setup to start a website in less than 30 seconds over WordPress. It delivers you one of the fastest, most scalable and reliable platform to start a dynamic website without worries of setup, backup and security. 

Another great advantage of Managed WordPress of is it provides users with a built-in support system that guides new WordPress users on every step they make on their admin section. It also provides a special admin section listing all important WordPress video tutorials.

Managed WordPress 8

In this lesson you will learn about starting your own website on Managed WordPress hosting of

Start by purchasing Managed WordPress

Managed WordPress 1

Step – 1 After you have purchased the plan of your choice, log in to “My Account” and choose Managed WordPress Hosting from your list of products.

Managed WordPress 2

Here it provides you two options: one for creating a new WordPress site and other for migrating your existing WordPress site (if you have) to

Step – 2 To start a new website, click ‘Create a New WordPress Site’ and you will be directed to your account setup page.

Managed WordPress 3

Now select the domain name which you want to use over Managed WordPress or if you don’t yet own a domain name then you may use a sub-domain offered by System at

Managed WordPress 4

Scroll down to create admin username, password and type in email for regenerating passwords in future.

Managed WordPress 6

Step – 3 It takes a few seconds to setup your website and then directs you to your WordPress site’s admin area dashboard.

Managed WordPress 9

That’s it, your WordPress website is ready. You can start posting on your website, create new posts, pages, change themes, add more plugins and apps etc. Read our tutorial on how to start working on your WordPress website.

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