Not Sure About Domain Name To Register? Start Website On Temporary Domain Of

Not sure about what domain name to register? You may first create your website over temporary domain name at and then switch to your registered domain address in one click. 

Managed WordPress hosting of allows you to start website both on temporary or registered domain. Hence, if you are not so sure about what domain name to register for your website then you may simply start building your website over a temporary domain from

Starting Up On Temporary Domain Name

Your first step is to purchase a Managed WordPress hosting plan and then follow this tutorial to startup your website, the only difference you have to make is in step-2,  where you will have to choose a temporary domain name instead of using main domain dropdown box.


Switching To Main Domain Name

Once you own a domain name at, you may switch your complete website from temporary domain address to main domain in a few seconds.

As soon WordPress is installed by our system at, your admin area dashboard starts to show a notification providing you link to change domain of your website.

By clicking this link you are first asked to login to your account and then it provides you a dropdown box to select and apply the new domain onto your website. But for this to work, you must have at least one domain name registered here.

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