First Make Your Website And Then Make Money By Making Others Website

In this tutorial we will teach you how to easily create a website you can sell. You can yourself create a beautiful, simple website with or without side blogging & networking features.

The good news is, a personal website is something useful for all individuals and the very good news is you can create it in a few minutes without any programming skills. Thanks to System at

To start, first thing you need to do is SignUp your free account.

Second step is to register a domain name (for your business) with Ultimate Web Hosting plan of You should know that domain name goes free when purchased with a new 1 or 2 or 3 year hosting plan of

Why Ultimate Hosting? Because Ultimate Hosting Plan provides you resources for hosting unlimited domains.

Third step is to add domain to your hosting account. (Automated system of will guide you in each step.)

Fourth Step is to install WordPress, read this tutorial.

Fifth Step is to login to your WordPress site and make it yours, take a look over to these beginner tutorials.

That’s all for your website. Now follow these steps for creating client websites on your Ultimate Hosting Account:

Simply register his domain name, add it to your hosting account by clicking ‘Hosted Domains’ icon on cPanel.

(Yes, you can host multiple domains on Ultimate Web Hosting plan of

After your client’s domain is added in your Ultimate Hosting Account, repeat the WordPress installation process but this time for the new domain name you have registered.

For further help and support, feel free email

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