Market Your Artworks By Starting Your Own Website

The world wide web can be your best place to start your own virtual gallery. Artists can market their artworks live on most global platform i.e. your website. In this age of Internet, the virtual places are more essential when most of the netizens try to find fount everything online. Having your own dynamic website can be the most powerful way reach out to potential clients without taking a negative stimulus of distance and time.

In this lesson you will learn about the easiest ways of bringing your website online featuring your artwork portfolio etc.

All websites starts with a domain name

So the first thing you should finalise is your domain address. If nothing is coming to your mind then simply register

If .com is not available then you may go for the new tire of domains that include –

  1. .pics
  2. .guru
  3. .actor
  4. .media
  5. .expert
  6. .works
  7. .movie
  8. .design
  9. .global
  10. .photos
  11. .gallery
  12. .camera
  13. .pictures
  14. .graphics
  15. .photography
  16. .international

And many more, just visit the bulk domain search here to avail new options.

Once, you own a domain, your next step is to find out what you want your website to accomplish? For instance, you can make it a blog, a photo blog, a gallery showcasing your works or an online store providing you ecommerce solutions or just a simple resume showcasing your background and specialisation of your skills to your potential employers.

By understanding what purpose your website will communicate, it won’t be a problem to get a website paving the way for you to decently demonstration of your prowess.

Now to startup your website there are two options –

  1. Do it yourself OR
  2. Get it done by experts

Do it yourself –

Doing it yourself is also easy, once your register a domain, go for Manged WordPress (recommended) or use website builder to make use of user friendly interface of these services and design your website in minutes, it is much easier than the efforts you have made to start operating your first Android device.

WordPress is world’s most popular publishing platform and Managed WordPress takes care of all technical configuration, backups and security so that you can focus on your website and publish new content.

There are thousands of free and premium themes that will help you to make a website of your dreams and plugins to get all features you want in a click of a button. Choose a WordPress theme that will workforce the assigned goal of your website. It is very easy to find a good theme using built-in WordPress theme browser where you just need to type a keyword (or use predefined filters), choose and install the theme that looks good to you and that’s it, your new website is ready.

Next you can focus on customizing the theme and creating content on your website.

You should take your time to categorise your works so that your clients can easily find what they are looking for. You can create multiple categories, different pages featuring your works by subject. Make sure your website tagline defines your website and your home page includes a brief overview about your specialisation and a link to your contact form or just your contact information. You can enable a subscription form, comment section or messenger so that visitors can easily connect with you, receive notifications of new articles or send you the feedback.

Everything is possible can can be done easily by searching for a new plugin each time for a new feature right from your admin area dashboard. In case you face any difficulty, we are here to help you out.

To start with publishing, consider preferring your best works to display in galleries. You can upload your high quality pictures on your gallery, including the captions and price rates if you are selling them online.

Get it done –

If you want to get it done by a team of professionals then allocate a budget and email your requirements to The system will first takes your online interview to understand your expectations then design you the website live on your domain address. Additional online support is purchasable @15USD per hour per terminal basis.

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